As human beings we tend to be impatient. We honk our horns when traffic is at a standstill. We get out of a line in the grocery store only to find that a person that we got behind has a problem that is holding up the short line, and when we look at the place in line that we had there are new people in line. We would have been in the car and on our way home. Our world is one of many conveniences and we won’t be happy with anything else!

As Christians we are taught to be patient and this is no small feat given that we are human. Whether we are waiting on a word from the Lord, praying for a situation to change or for provision, and God doesn’t respond when we want Him to we know one thing… “God is always on time”!

The Lord has a plan and a purpose for our lives that will require a variety of events to occur in order for His plan to come to fruition. Whether it is moving you gently or by force, meeting someone, letting go of something, or even a tragedy the Lord will lead you toward His purpose for your life. Your job is to observe, listen, and be obedient. I know that this is easier said than done, but the reward will be worth it.

So pay attention to the people that come into your life, the times when you are removed from situations and places, your victories and even your tragedies because the Lord is speaking directly to you. He loves you that much. Remember that the Lord is omniscient, which the Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes as 1: having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight 2: possessed of universal or complete knowledge. He is leading you toward His purpose for you life and His timing is perfect!

“By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall earn the true life of your souls.” Luke 21:19


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