The Blessing


Sometimes we are challenged by life. I believe that this is how our faith in God built and strengthened.  We can share our challenges with our closest friends and family members, but many times that is just not enough. They can sympathize and comfort us physically, but we need more.

Only the Lord can speak directly to our hurt, confusion and needs. The good news is that we only need ask. We need to be still and acknowledge that God’s timing, purpose and plan are perfect. When we as humans look at life’s events sometimes we can’t see beyond our sorrow, what seems like a disaster, or what we perceive as a need that wasn’t met, but the Lord’s plan for our life was meticulously laid out when He formed us.

Recently a woman with an incredibly beautiful spirit went to be with the Lord. None of us knows the day or hour when we will go to be with the Lord, but to be with Him is going to be magnificent. My mother passed years ago, but I still have my moments of great sorrow and long to see her again. The good news is that I will. The even greater news is that she is with the Lord.

A close friend was comforting me one day and she said “She would not want to come back.” At first I was taken aback. Then I thought about where she is and who she is with. She has received the ultimate blessing and as believers we know that we will see her again. Through our tears we thank the Lord for that promise. Rest in Peace Terri…..


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