God Knows Your Every Step, Misstep and Victory


-Have you ever had a time when your life seemed to be at a stand still? You were forced to be still due to a health issue, the lost of a job, a personal tragedy or because your life just seemed out of sorts and you didn’t know where to turn? Have you wondered how to handle it and used your best efforts to rectify the situation?

Have you sent out countless resumes, called all of your friends and asked them to keep an eye out for a position that fits your qualifications, and gone on interview after interview only to not receive an offer?

Have you struggled to figure out where you fit in or why you were put on this earth?  Let depression keep you down after receiving a life changing diagnosis? Or had your world turned upside down by the realization that you’ve lost someone, and that you will not see, talk to, or touch them again in this life?

These and other situations are things that most of us have to go through. There is a reason for life’s challenges and tragedies. We may not know the reason initially, but if we take the time to look back on that situation, and allow ourselves to put God in it we will see that the Lord allowed those things to happen for a very specific reason.

Every time that you feel like your life is off course, that your plans have been derailed or that your life is a mess consider this alternative. Perhaps the Lord is working behind the scene to keep you safe, to protect you, to lead you toward immeasurable joy, to give you the desires of your heart, to teach you a life lesson, or to increase your faith which He knows that you will need as you go through this journey that we call life.

Sometimes we just need to be still, have faith, and let the Lord move.  He already knows every step that we will take, every misstep that we will make, and every victory that we will attain. So be still and remind yourself that He is God alone.


God’s Master Plan


Every person has the desire to find the reason that they were placed on this earth. Often they try to figure it out themselves by trying different careers, experimenting with various careers, majors in college and multiple relationships in their search for happiness, contentment and success.While we are searching we are unaware that we only need be still. The Lord created each and every oneof us for a certain purpose. Despite the fact that we are impatient He is patient. He knows what we are going to do and He has given each of us free will because He knows that we need to experience certain things (good and even devastating) in order to lead us to the purpose for which we were created.

All of our successes, failures, experiences, “chance” meetings, relationships, disappointments and tragedies are designed to make us into the person that the Lord created us to be. We only need listen to Him, pray and continue the path that He has set before us because we were each created and made for the purpose that the Lord has chosen specifically for us.

The Lord also gave each of us the desire to know our purpose. So we stumble along trying to figure it out when He has already given us a detailed map. Our journey is that map of interconnected experiences that we rarely pay attention to as we go through our lives. I discovered this when I found myself unemployed and I reflected on my life. This is when the Lord gave me the title of the book and I began to write, not knowing where He was taking me, but knowing that He wanted to reveal something to me through the book.

What I learned is that our lives are masterfully designed by the Lord to lead us toward the reason that He created each and every one of us. There is no one like you. So when you allow yourself to feel that you have no direction, value or importance check yourself. God does not mistakes, and you are of great value to Him and those whose lives you will affect. Look back at the chance meetings, people in your life, the difficult times and the incredible “coincidences”, and you will see that you are not only important, but you will find that these were not coincidences at all. You are an important part of God’s master plan.