Let This Truly Be Resurrection Day


The world tells us to achieve, to make something of ourselves, and to contribute to society in a positive way.  Some follow the path of education because they feel that this will lead to a job which represents stability and that it will elevate them to a certain level in society’s eyes. Some spread the gospel and become Pastors, youth leaders or evangelists because this is their calling. The Lord has spoken to their hearts and handpicked them to share His message of salvation and redemption. Others do what they can to get by using their God-given talents or find random means of making ends meet.

Many go about their day to day lives believing that they have to make those decisions on their own, when in fact the Lord already has a plan for each and every one of us. This is why we are not hampered by society’s standards. God will make us into the person that He wants us to be.  He can make someone without a higher education successful. Did you know that nine of the men who held the position of President of the United States did not go to or finish college?  He made Joseph, who was Jacob’s son survive the jealously of his brothers who sold him into slavery go from being a slave to becoming  the second most important person in Egypt after the Pharoah. You see, the Lord is not limited by the world. He is God alone, and just like He had a plan for Joseph’s life He has a very specific plan for your life.

 Easter is not about chocolate bunnies, dyeing hard boiled eggs and Honeybaked Hams.  It is about love. Jesus loves us so much that He died a horrific death on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven and so that we could have everlasting life with God in heaven. As He hung on the cross He said “Not My Will, But Yours Be Done.” Mark 14:36   If we could strive for that level of obedience and faith we would know that the Lord has a plan for each and every one of our lives. His plan may not be what you think that you want, but His plan for your life will be perfect. This Easter say “Not my will, but yours be done.” Let this truly be Resurrection Day”.